Monday, June 4, 2007

8 more wierd things

Since I was tagged, here are eight wierd things about my wife. (That was the idea, right? You don't need to know about me, I'm just the guest blogger.)

8) She learned a lot of wrong lyrics to songs as a kid. Every few months I catch a new one and try not to laugh while she has an epiphany. (For example, "Karma Chameleon".)

7) Will not drink off-brand soda. "Dr. Thunder" is not close enough.

6) She has an insanely powerful grip.

5) She does very well on the grocery budget and other spending. But, when she has a gift certificate or cash that is just for her, she cannot go much more than 24 hours without shopping. She's way too excited and wants to redeem it for a new toy ASAP!

4) Height = five feet, one &1/4 inches. Do NOT forget the 1/4, it is very important!

3) Never turns on the light over the stove. Prefers to cook in the shadows.

2) Used to be a bit messy before we were married. Hard to believe, given that she is bordering on obsessive/compulsive with the vacuuming now.

1) Wears a veil to Mass. I know that's not really weird, but it is fairly uncommon these days. She typically prefers to blend into the crowd, but when she is convinced that something is right for her, she is undeterred.

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Matilda said...

This has to be the coolest take on this meme I have ever seen! Good job! You guys Rock the Cash Bar!

just kidding!