Monday, June 18, 2007

Totally Cool!!!!

Okay, so I had a freakin' amazing evening in rehearsal tonight...

First... the director actually used a real tuner to tune the group up... now I play flute/piccolo, and was playing first chair this evening (usually second chair, but first part still... for all you band/orchestra nerds out there). He came to me... Bflat... IN TUNE, sweet potato pie, are you kidding me... this never happens right out of the gate for a flute player... rest of the band, NOT IN TUNE.

Next, our line up this evening happened to have several flute solos, ones I don't usually play but tonight - spot light on the Llama... and drum rolll please... NAILED THEM! Seriously people, I was flyin' high.

Then during break time, a friend of mine came over who is a head director of a local high school... and here is what went down:

Clarinet: "Hey Llama, I was wondering what you had planned for next week?"
Me: "Um, not much, why?"
Clarinet: "I was wondering if you wanted to come and help me out with band camp - flute/picc section. It is an all day gig, 10-3 Monday thru Thursday, I'll pay you $400 or so for your time."
Me: (Inside my head- sweet Moses, are you asking me to come and help you, that would be the coolest thing ever, of course I will do it, who cares about the money, seriously awesome) What I actually said: "Wow, thanks for the offer. Let me check and see if I can get a sitter to watch the kids for me... can I call you tomorrow and let you know?"

People, FLATTERED doesn't even beginning to describe how I felt with that sort of offer. I played it cool, though. You would have been proud, I didn't go all high school on him. Ugggg, I just wish I could actually do it... I wish I had a sitter who could follow our routine and could watch the kiddos for me...

Wow, what a fantabulous ending to the day!


underthewillow said...

!!!! What an amazing feeling that must have been! Yay, you! I hope you can do it. :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog!

God bless

littlebit said...

If it had been me I'd have visions of homeschool materials dancing in my head. Man, what I could buy for $400 ! I'm gonna relate this story to my band geek hubby, he will be so impressed!