Sunday, June 10, 2007

Girl Hair

After Mass this morning Daddio treated the fam to donuts (we go to 7:30am Mass, and eat afterwards usually). While the kiddos and I waited in the Beast for him to return, man walked in front of our car and over to his... and this is the conversation from the back of the car:

Bobcat: That man has girl hair! Mommy why does that man have girl hair?
Momma: Um... crackin' up laughin'... still laughin'!
Bubba: Hmmm, well, I guess he kind of looks like Jesus, sort of.
Momma: Haaaa ha hh haaaaaa hahhaaaaaa.
Bobcat: Well, I guess some men have girl hair, and men have MAN hair.
Bubba: Yeah?!

He did have girl hair...


Matilda said...

Too funny! Waaaayyy too funny! Thanks for starting my day off with chuckle.

Daddio said...

I can tell you right now what kind of hair they're going to have as long as they live under MY roof!