Tuesday, March 3, 2009

30 Somethings

Today's post is a meme of sorts... one that I'm doing on my own, not one that has been circulating (but is similar to all the other meme's out there).

So, since today is my special 30 something birthday... here are 30 somethings about me (they will be quite random...)!

  1. I'm 30 today... March 3 1979 was the start of this llama's life!

  2. I was born in a small hospital, in a small town in Louisiana.

  3. Had I been a boy, my parents planned to saddle me with the name - Walter Craig (they are both family names... but seriously, I'm glad I'm a girl)... the name the did choose for me came from a dream my father had before I was born (thank goodness he wasn't ON anything at the time, otherwise I might be Rainbow Moon or something).

  4. My favorite color (someone actually asked me about this today) is PINK! Although I never realized just how much I liked pink until I had boys and was suddenly surrounded by blue.

  5. I love driving cars with manual transmissions! That's right, this lady likes the stick shift!

  6. My favorite car that we've owned... 2001 Red Mustang (5 speed manual... of course)!

  7. What cars have we owned... oh how the list has grown... my first car was a Geo Metro, then right before we got married Daddio got a 1999 Saturn coupe (5 speed), then the Mustang, then a Mitsu Lancer, Mitsu Outlander, Nissan Quest (YUCK), and now we have the Yukon XL and a Mazda 3 (5 speed). We like cars!

  8. Here's a weird one... my eyes are green and blue... green in the center and fading out to a blue ring out the outside... when I get upset the blue grows and overtakes the green!

  9. I like stickers... actually I hoard stickers. I have a box that has stickers from when I was in grade school that I still haven't used (a few really great scratch and sniffs). I'm much better about using them with the boys now compared to 4 years ago, but it is still a work in progress.

  10. I'm weird about certain food combinations. I like nuts, but I don't like them on my sundae. I like lemonade, but can't stand any lemon flavored desserts. I like grapes, but I don't like grape drinks (oh, but I do like wine, it just doesn't always like me). Hmmm, I can't think of all of them... Daddio can elaborate, he thinks a lot of my preferences are strange while I find them normal!

  11. I like working hard... manual labor. I don't mind breaking my back all day long because I know that there will be success at the end... and I like knowing that I put the effort in!

  12. I love camping!

  13. I love the beach!

  14. I love road trips!

  15. I could eat ice cream every single day if it were available to me (or milk shakes).

  16. My favorite drink is Dr Pepper... and my second favorite... Root Beer Float (note- it has ice cream).

  17. I like floating around in my bathtub. Seriously, I fill that huge garden tub up and get my float on. Daddio thinks it's pretty funny that someone can actually do such a thing... but hey I'm 5'2"... I fit!

  18. I don't particularly care for cats... I'm a dog person... but I really only like my dogs (I know, that's weird, and I accept that).

  19. I have very small hands that made playing piano a little more difficult, and I don't have the finger reach for the bass flute... which sucks because I would love to actually be able to play one, they sound cool.

  20. I used to be totally cool with snakes. Our AP bio teacher had a boa that we always had out during class... now... I HATE SNAKES... I don't know when it changed for me, but I have a hard time in the reptile house at the zoo!

  21. If I had a swimming pool, I would swim every day... I love the water!

  22. I never thought I would choose homeschooling, but now I could never see myself putting the boys in an institutional school on purpose.

  23. I'm not a huge fan of skirts (or dresses). I have a few for church and nice occasions... but give me shorts or jeans and I'm a much happier girl!

  24. I'm SHY... and I'm nervous... and I stutter if I'm asked to read in front of a group. I really don't like being the center of attention, I much prefer to go unnoticed. But if you've see me in public within the last few years, you will see a different person all together... I've been able to put my passions in front of my nerves and at time manage to overcome my fear.

  25. I'm a terrible speller! Uggghhhh, and I have a bad habit of leaving out words when I write. Generally I'm okay when I type because I can type as quickly as my brain is spitting things out... but actually pen to paper is a whole other ball game!

  26. I enjoy sewing... well all sorts of crafting really. During Lent I plan to spend more time doing crafty things! Maybe some of those things will show up here :-).

  27. I love a clean house. I even enjoy the process of cleaning the house... freshly vacuumed carpet, shiney mopped floors, and clean bathrooms... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

  28. I have 6 boys apparently... 3 that behave for me, then they switch over and become a different 3 who don't behave for sitters.

  29. I have amazing friends! You know who you are... and I love you all.

  30. I have an even more amazing husband... for all the normal things, and for going to an amazing amount of work to pull of the best (surprise) birthday party I've ever had!

And for those who are wondering, I did in fact where the tiara the entire evening!


justme said...

BRAVO!! I love this list! :)

nicole said...

I am still bummed I missed the party! Looks like your man did a good job.

I am exactly the same about food combinations. I don't like nuts on my sundaes either. I do however like lemon desserts.

Teach me how to sew?