Monday, March 23, 2009

By request... more shots of the tulips.

In a previous post showing some of the different varieties of tulips we have growing this year, Nicole asked to see them in bunches... here are two of the beds in our front yard that have tulips. We have a total of three beds with tulips, but I was having a difficult time photographing them due to the very high winds we are having today... these were the best two shots before I gave up.

There are probably 20 buds that are just emerging from the ground and another 15-20 that will be opening with in the next few days... by my estimate. Along with the tulip foliage, there are irises that have lovely green frowns that are up. They too will be blooming around Easter. Once those get going then will come the gladiolas!


nicole said...

Thanks! I feel so special. I love the pinks and yellows together. Gladiolas are my favorite flowers, so you'll have to post those pictures too, when they bloom. Walking out your door (or in) must make you smile every time.

MommaLlama said...

Just driving down our street, and pulling up to our house.... ahhh, I just love all of the color! Plus I enjoy knowing that I did all the work in fall, and now I just get to sit back and enjoy the spring and summer with very little work (just minor weeding from time to time).

Bulbs rock!