Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Homeschooling Continuing Ed

Okay, so those who are employed by THE MAN usually have continuing ed they have to attend for career development...

Homeschooling moms have things similar to this... homeschool conferences where we can go and hear speakers, browse the latest curriculum, and chat with other homeschooling families... problem is they usually only happen in the summer and as luck would have it, never in your area or you won't be around when they are in your area because that's when you're on vacation... such is life, right?!

Well, some friends of ours have created a product, if you will, that brings homeschooling continuing ed right to your computer. They have lined up Maureen Wittman for several webinars, along with Mary Kay Clark (Seton Home Study), and Danielle Bean (author and blogger)... with many plethora of names in the future.

So what is it exactly... well fellow homeschoolers, no need to slip on the smock... you can stay in the comfort of your own home, at your own desk, sign in and have a live webinar in which you can actually interact with the presenter and other attendees via the live chatting. But it doesn't end with just webinars for information purposes... Walter and Emily have also put together Mom's Night Out While In... meaning you can connect in a social manner with other homeschooling moms across the country a few times a month (and it's free) without having to find a sitter.

At the moment all of their webinars are FREE! That's right, any homeschooling mom's favorite phrase! This is a limited time offer... eventually they will be charging (a nominal fee) for the webinars... so friends, please go check them out at:

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nicole said...

Sounds very cool for you homeschooling ninjas.