Saturday, March 21, 2009

In the garden

One time, some friends were coming to visit, and we told them to find our house, just turn left on our street and stop at the best lawn. We weren't kidding! Our little flower garden isn't the most impressive thing, but we are getting some great results from the bulbs we planted last fall. Here are some photos of what we have growing out front.

These hyacinths smell amazing. They're in containers on either side of the walkway up to the door.

We bought a variety of different tulip bulbs and planted them randomly, rather than a single color.


La Familia said...

Wow! I bet your front yard is beautiful. Our yard is starting to shape up too. Things that looked dead and decayed are coming back to life.

nicole said...

Gorgeous! I want to see photos of the tulips in bunches, to see the color variety. And I want to learn about flowers and plant some.

Heather Jaracz said...

Beautiful! We live in Western Mass, and I've still been searching for the first crocuses to come out of the ground! I need to find and plant some super early bulbs this fall for next year!

Katie said...

Gorgeous pics! Cannot wait for mine to start popping up! Not yet in NE!