Friday, March 6, 2009

Field Trip

Who ever decided to call us Stay At Home Moms clearly had no idea what a mom, who doesn't have a real job, does in a day!

Yesterday was one of those days... Field Trip day to the local zoo... it was Homeschool Day and all the animals were on their best behavior! As part of the activities, they had handlers at several locations teaching the children about the different animals.

Meet Pepito, he's a jaguar! One of his favorite pass times is threatening the coyotes next door to him. He's good at it, too. He can get them to howl, bark, and go down right balistic when he goes over to the fence and bats at them! This is one of the boys favorites when we go to the zoo!

Next up, Precious and her lion cubs (she has a total of four from this litter, 3 girls and one boy). She was brought over from Africa when she was 6 weeks old... she was an orphan. The handler said that this will most like be her last set of cubs since she is 13 years old now. The zoo is considering keeping some or all of the cubs because of this (the other 3 litters have been given to other zoos).
Oh, and this little guy... do you know what he is? This is a 2 week old flamingo! So cute, right? So far they have 7 hatchlings, with 3 more eggs waiting.

So our field was a lot of fun (and a lot of walking). I do have to give a big shout out to my dear husband who had to take one for the team as it were. A friend of ours had a few extra kids with her, and just as we were about to enter the park one of the extra kiddos wasn't feeling well. Daddio swooped in and took the little boy to the bathroom... and unfortunately got puked on! Poor guy, he had to buy a new shirt from the gift shop and then waited for the mom to come and get the little guy. And, with all of that, my husband met up with us a little later on and never did his smile leave his face... I appreciate that more than anything!

One last picture that I think is just TOO CUTE!


A Borg said...

Sounds like you all had an enjoyable day. I used to live in Omaha and had the opportunity to visit the zoo there on a number of occasions. It is really incredible. A few years back they added a desert dome which houses four different desert environments. In the basement there is are cave and swamp exhibits. They also have an indoor jungle. They set it up so that you are the one that is "enclosed". You can walk at ground level through the jungle or allow a walk way which runs along the inside of the jungle. They also have a gorilla/orangutan/monkey complex, a large aquarium, an outdoor aviary, a cat complex, and now a butterfly and insect complex. If you can ever make it out there it is worth the trip. Plus Rosennblatt Stadium is right across the street in case Daddio wants to take in a game. I can't wait to get up there again myself.

nicole said...

Days like that make me want to be a homeschooling family.