Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Snookie moment...

The boys were looking at one of our books. In the inside cover of whatever they were looking at, it was sign by the author... to me!

Snookie looks right at me and asks if 'Stephanie' is my middle name... um, no son, that's my first name.
"Oh, so Mommy is your middle name?"

Okay... I know we've had this conversation before, about names and what our names are and what the boys call us... and what all kids call their parents... but clearly all Snookie hears is what he wants to hear and all other things are just white noise to him!

Seriously, this is what my life is like living with three little boys!

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La Familia said...

Don't worry about Snookie. I was in the second grade before I realized my parents' names weren't Mom and Dad. And I was in 5th grade before I found out I wasn't hispanic, but that's a whole other post.