Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why are you whispering?

Leading up to today I had planned some very lovely things for the Feast of the Annunciation... unfortunately I will be spending my down time in bed with a glass of water. I'm under strict orders to get lots of fluids and lots of rest for the next 4-7 days. When Daddio got home from work last night (by that point I had completely lost my voice), he went online and made an appointment for CareNow, and an hour and half later I was being seen by a doctor who had some interesting words for me:

"Oh man, that looks terrible (gee thanks), no wonder you've lost your voice! Can you swallow anything right now?"

"Has this sort of thing happened before? Lesions the last time... yep you are definitely headed in that direction again if we don't nip this in the bud now."

"Thank goodness there's no ear infection at the moment, but there is
definitely congestion in the canal, and left untreated and you would have had a double infection there too!"

"The nurse will be right in with a large pointy object!"

Wow... and to think I wanted to just take a nap and hope that all was well in the morning. Turns out (as usual) I have bronchitis (upper/lower respiratory infection), sinusitis, and a pretty unpleasant infection in my throat (the drainage tracks are in bad shape apparently). How did this happen... allergies! The doctor said that for some people (ME), normal allergy troubles have a way of going out of control... and it can be considered a chronic problem this time of year (and every spring for me)!

For my send off from CareNow, I received a lovely steroid shot because the doctor felt that I needed relief sooner rather than later (waiting for the meds to finally kick in)! Then I was off to the pharmacy for more drugs... and now I have to be quiet, rest and drinks lots! Oh fun.

So the grand plans have been paired down to a lovely stained glass drawing I did of the above shown image for the boys to color. And as soon as school is finished... I'm off to bed. The boys... well because I keep whispering (because that is literally all I can muster), reply to me in whisper...


nicole said...

It is nice that the boys reply to you in whisper. I had a similar health issue just a couple of weeks ago. Severe allergies run wild. I did not get the shot, I opted for the oral meds instead. I did eventually feel better. Good luck getting "lots of rest" with a house full of children. :)

La Familia said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling so lousy! I'd call you but I don't want to hurt your throat anymore than it already does. Big Hugs from me and many prayers for your speedy recovery!

MommaLlama said...

Thank you ladies... the shot did wonders with the severe inflamation in my throat... sadly my voice has not returned to normal yet, probably due to all the coughing I'm still dealing with. And the orals meds I think are starting to kick in as well... woohoo! Rest... I laughed even when the doctor said that. Of course I really couldn't explain in any real detail why I thought it was so gosh darn funny... but you ladies know :-)!