Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Okay readers... you know that I have a deep love for aprons! I think they make the day in and day out housekeeping more fun...

So go check out these sites to have your very own shot at winning!

First up we have the "spring has sprung" giveaway over at Amy Quarry's shop. Enter and win TWO pieces from her store!

Next up is a fabulous vintage apron giveaway at the Polka Dot Barn! This little number is FULLY AWESOME in all its wonderful pinkness!

Oh, oh, oh... then head over here... to Aunt Daisy's Shoppe for another great 1930's style apron.

Have I ever mentioned my affinity for pink and brown? Well check this out: It's pink and brown paisley, that to me just seems "simply cottage chic", and can be won by me (or you) :-) over at Country Mom's Blog.

Now in the previous post I mentioned doing something special for your husband, and showing him your affections. Well, what would happen if you greet him at the door in one of these numbers from Carolyn's Kitchen? Want a chance to win one? Check out the Girly Giveaway Extravaganza! (My personal favorite is the pink cupcakes, but I think my dear hubby might pick a different one :-).

1 comment:

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

thank you for your great post about my giveaway!
you need this apron........all pink and girly, with three boys!
We have three boys, too.
Boys are a riot! Enjoy them!!

and thanks for entering my giveaway, jan