Thursday, March 26, 2009

Around the barnyard #6

Get the kids involved!

The boys each have their own jobs that they do every day to help out around the house. This makes a big difference in my work load, and gives them each a responsibility... making them contributing members of the household!

Here is a list of all the chores or duties the boys have daily...

1. Empty the waste baskets into the garage trash can.

2. The dogs -- let them out of their kennels and into the back yard, let them back in, put away their food bowls.

3. Dirty laundry basket from my bathroom brought to the laundry room.

4. Bobcat gets every ones tooth brushes ready after they finish breakfast.

That's just the morning routine. Through out the day they have jobs they are asked to do...

1. Move laundry from one machine to the other. Take the dry stuff to designated spot for folding. Put away their own clean clothes. I'm in the early stages of teaching them folding, it's a work in progress!

2. Let the dogs in or out depending on the situation... also getting in or out of kennels depending on the situation.

3. Putting their own dishes away... either in the sink or dishwasher.

4. Take kitchen trash or recycling out to the bins in the backyard (for some reason they all fight over who's turn it is to take this stuff out... I think it is because they get to use Daddio's flip flops to walk down there).

When working out your daily routine and housekeeping schedule, take a look at your children and think about all the things they can do to pitch in around the house. Sometimes its hard to see our little ones as capable... but you would surprised at how much they can actually do if called upon! Give them the opportunity to shine in a new responsibility... and take some of the stress off yourself!


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

My kids do all of the laundry EXCEPT the folding most times because no one can fold like mama and it makes all the difference between drawers that can close and drawers that look like they are throwing up pants!

nicole said...

Sorting and putting away the laundry are kid tasks around here. Mine also unload the dishwasher (just put stuff on the counter if they can't reach) and dust. And they used to vacuum the kitchen, but our stick-vac broke and the Dyson is a little too unwieldy for them. Having kids help is good for everyone.