Friday, February 27, 2009


Have you heard of the "unfortunately..." meme? I got the tip from Charlotte. You do a Google search for the phrase "Unfortunately, (your name here)". Don't forget the quotation marks around the phrase. Here are some of mine:

Unfortunately Andy has a new single coming out.

Unfortunately Andy has to pull out of the Masters Cup Shanghai with an ankle injury.

Unfortunately Andy couldn’t make it to the awards ceremony to pick up his prize as he was en-route from Aberdeen...

Unfortunately, Andy shows signs of having suffered trauma or abuse in his past, and has difficulty meeting new people.

Unfortunately, Andy made a statement, and I don't think it was intentional. He made a joke and it was a misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, Andy has been a little bit unlucky with injuries over the last year. I think the important thing is for him to keep playing.

Unfortunately Andy is also quite ill and his treatment and operation have left him completely broke.

Unfortunately Andy does not offer any solution, other than to bash Keynesian economics (he sounds just like Ronald Reagan in that regard).

Unfortunately, Andy can't seem to change his way of doing things offensively to match Donovan's strengths.

Unfortunately, Andy did not cooperate, so I plunged in and started him on 1/4 tablet of metro once a day on Sunday, Nov 30. So far, no diarrhea...

Unfortunately, Andy doesn't have a lot of friends.

Unfortunately, Andy's camera had problems and some of the photographs were lost.

Unfortunately, Andy's goofy pranks always seem to spoil his chances at romance.

Unfortunately Andy set a MLS record for bouncing around to 6 teams over an 8 year span.

Unfortunately, Andy’s church simply does not have the means to develop much of their own materials.

Unfortunately Andy is not consistently good enough if we aspire to be the best.

Unfortunately Andy and several other drivers had serious tire issues that forced him to pit and he would miss the rest of the session.

Unfortunately, Andy is just Andy. It's funny -- but would you do business with the guy?

Unfortunately, Andy knows nothing about fashion.

Unfortunately, Andy wasn't exactly what you'd call a gear head.

Unfortunately Andy has prevented me from going public with this recipe by claiming that he invented this dish several seasons ago.

Unfortunately, Andy's never actually able to sell any of this coke since he hid it in a box of laundry detergent and his unsuspecting Uncle uses it to wash his clothes.

Unfortunately Andy doesn't have any real goals in life, nor does he have any desires to pack up and make a life for himself so he spends most of the time drinking, smoking, reading webcomics and bumming around.

Unfortunately, Andy was not as good-looking as his photo, which must have been 10 years old.

Unfortunately Andy is not alone in this search and there are other more powerful people who need to keep the lid on this secret accord.

Unfortunately, Andy was not as experienced in reviving corpses as he was building them.

Unfortunately Andy had forgotten to take his anti gravity pill that morning.

Unfortunately, Andy's enthusiasm is not matched by any skill in the hairdressing arts and we all come out looking ginger.

Unfortunately, Andy's toaster didn't win -- the top prize went to a kid who made an outfit for her pet hamster.

Unfortunately, Andy gets dealt a fate worse than death -- high school!

Unfortunately, Andy didn't stick around long enough to graduate and should not be considered an "alumnus" of anything.

A semi-realistic one:
Unfortunately, Andy’s story is an all too common example of problems in dealing with certain types of supersensitive people.

My favorite of many death notices:
Unfortunately, Andy will not see this completed book, having died in a tragic accident.

My favorite line from a movie synopsis - can you guess the movie title?
Unfortunately Andy's birthday is due anytime, an event which pushes the toys' neuroses to the fore.

My favorite of them all:
Unfortunately, Andy’s fun with pogos ended at an early age as no products in the market could support the weight and demands of a grown boy, let alone a man.

Okay, one more favorite. So totally random:
Unfortunately, Andy did not see the toy as an inset puzzle. He only saw one riveting, wonderful piece — the duck. Andy became enamored with the duck.


Hoo, boy, that was entertaining!!! Oh yeah, I revealed my real name. No stalking, you crazy internet people!

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