Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grammy's

Most years, Daddio and I watch the Grammy's... mostly to see how out of touch we are to what 'the kids' are listen' to these days. This year was no exception. I was surprised to see the Wiggles there... oh duh... scratch that, turns out that was Coldplay. And the Four Tops, minus three of those Tops, and add in Jamie Fox/NeYo/Smokie... interesting... sort of.

Okay, and I'm sure there are those out there that will burn me for this... but Paul McCartney CAN'T SING... sorry. The man doesn't seem to have a note in him that is IN TUNE! Maybe that is the music theory major in me... but that goes for Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift as well... ACK! Please ladies, when you work on singing LIVE, let's make sure you can actually hit the RIGHT pitch. PAINFUL!

What else? Oh the M.I.A girl... 9 months preggo... not the most attractive way to carry on as a soon to be mother!

Oh, and it really annoys me that they only have the a few categories that they show on TV and a bunch of crappy singing... but they don't show some of the really cool awards... such as all of the Christian music awards. I wish they would show more awards and less CRAP! Seriously should I really be subjected to any more music that has to be muted by the channel due to inappropriate language?

So there you have it, an 'out of touch nearly 30 year old mother of 3's' take on the Grammy's of 2009!

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nicole said...

I was watching bits and pieces and thinking similar thoughts. I thought Taylor Swift sounded all right, but Miley Cyrus was not very good. Their voices also just did not match. I am way out of touch too. We can be out of touch together.