Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't. But if you do...

I heard a great analogy on Catholic Answer Live the other day. A caller asked why we opposed "comprehensive" sex education programs, that teach abstinence first, but also stress condoms to prevent disease and teen pregnancy just in case some kids are unable to abstain. Fr. John explained that it was like a teacher telling a student that cheating on exams was not allowed. Just flat wrong, don't ever do it. But, if you are going to cheat, here is a website with all the answers, and be very discreet when you text your friends during class, so that you will at least get a good grade and not have any consequences from your cheating.

Don't cheat, but if you do, here's how you should do it. But don't. We really mean it. Wink, wink.

Don't have extramarital sex. But if you do, at least protect yourself from consequences.

It's the whole idea of consequences that used to keep people from sinning. The more modern society tries to spare us the consequences of sin (and excessive debt), the more people will continue to pursue pleasure first and expect a "bail-out" when the logical and natural and inevitable consequences of their actions catch up with them.


Bob said...

great analogy. Once, at work, I rather innocently expressed my belief that abstinance education was the way to go. I got a vehemently negative response from two co-workers. It was a turning point in my relationship with them. they thought I was anachronistic at best, and dangerous.

La Familia said...

You know, I really admire my old health teacher. He was the stereo-typical health teacher as he was a coach but he was surely atypical when it came to teaching sex ed. He was a devout Christian and he went through the whole chapter on safe sex as he was supposed to do but as he came to each contraceptive, instead of talking about the benefits he would talk about the risks involved with each one. He then went on to give each girl what he said was the best contraceptive -a quarter to put between our knees to keep our legs closed.