Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Form

Just within the last year the boys have decided coloring is cool... well, cool is a little strong...

What they do enjoy is free form coloring... also known as drawing (or if you're Snookie - DRAWLING, it was cute the first time now annoying after the 50 millionth time you remind him there is no L in that word).

After depleting my entire white computer paper stash, along with their own sketch pads (well, they finished those off some time ago), Daddio had a great suggestion about switching over to spiral notebooks. This way all the paper stays in one spot (those dang sketch pads couldn't keep it's paper in there if the world depended on it), and they are easier to keep up with.

So, after Bubba finished his school work today I gave him his first art spiral (gotta love $.80 spirals at the store vs. $5+ sketch pads). The paper is wide rule lined... the charge I gave him went something like this:
"Here you go, you can draw any where on the paper. All I ask is that you write something to go with it, even if it just the name of the animal you drew. It doesn't have to be a whole story, just something easy to help all of us remember what it was you were working on for that page."
Of course he looked at me like I was losing my mind, I mean, aren't all his pictures easily deciphered... ha ha ha ha, I wish that were true!

After a while he comes over to me to ask me the spelling of a word that he is going to use on his paper... it took me a second, but I realized that he had only drawn up the upper portion of the paper (the upper margin)... because that was the only part without lines. He was confused as to why he could only draw little tiny pictures.

Needless to say I re-explained myself in regards to drawing even over the lines, and did a better job with the explanation to Bobcat when it was his turn for a spiral.

Gotta love boys... right?!


nicole said...

We have gone through many spiral notebooks around here. My girls especially love them, but Buddy has started to appreciate them too. And IndieGirl includes the 'l' in the drawing too. I just let it go, one day she'll learn.

La Familia said...

We've been looking into solutions in our home too. She draws about a bazillion pictures a day- all of them are the same subject.