Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spell check

is in Bobcat's very near future. That kid... he is constantly misspelling words... but by one letter. Take for instance - t - he hardly ever remembers to cross the t, or dot the i even... and trying to make him understand that by not finishing the letter he has in most cases changed the word to something else or to a non-word!

It's the details that seem to really get him. I'm starting to see that 'boyish' nature coming out in him... wanting to finish, and finish quickly whatever the cost! He's so worried about getting done fast... that he forgets that when I make him re-do the work... he's now taken way longer than had he done it right in the first place.

Then there is his attitude recently. Okay, he's 8... and he's the oldest, I do get that... but for that past week non stop... the VERY first thing he does during 'free play time' is steal or hide a toy from one of his brothers (and he knows it's wrong because I hear him scolding the victim not to come and tell me... except I'm in the next room and can hear him and sometimes I even see him doing it). And his bossiness has reached an all time high that has me smoking from the ears! Maybe it is a phase, or something, but dear LORD... PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

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nicole said...

We are dealing with the same bossiness with our oldest. The fact that she is a girl and that we often butt heads does not help matters. I'm praying for extra grace right now. I hope things improve for you.