Saturday, August 30, 2008

All Alooooooooooone

It's just after 7am and all my boys are gone! A camping, they went!

This is the first camping trip that I've not been a part of, and I'm pretty bummed about it... but it was the way it had to be this time (thankfully I don't have long to wait to get my camp on... we are going again in about a month with some of our homeschooling buddies). This is also the first time in a few years that Daddio has taken all three for a weekend trip and I've stayed behind. I teased the boys this morning that I wouldn't know what to do without them... who would take out the trash, or the recycling, or let the dogs out in the back... I'm gonna be busy all on my own :-). They thought that was pretty funny.

I had to laugh this morning... VERY EARLY THIS MORNING... Daddio is like a kid on Christmas morn the day of any family vacation. This morning his plan was to rise at 6:00am finish loading the car and be gone by 7:30am... well, I heard (the UFO landing in the kitchen) the coffee maker running at 4:40 this morning... he just couldn't stay in bed a minute longer!

I'm off for a spa treatment in my bathroom... Daddio picked a Burt's Bees Tips to Toes set for me last night while he was out gathering the last few things he needed... so balms away my friends!

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Akira said...

Camping trip with friends means lot's of fun & enjoyment.