Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are we there yet?

That's how I feel right now, trying to tie up the lose ends of my lesson plans. I'm done with my core curriculum, but the task of saint feasts has taken a back seat during my planning stage. Last year I didn't really PLAN my saint feasts... I would simply see one coming on the calendar and plan a day or two in advance or the morning of (I kid you not, sadly). This year Daddio thinks we need to amp up our game, and he is right (yes dear, I actually typed it for the whole world to read, aren't you proud). Anyway... the boys (mostly Bobcat) are finally entering the frame of mind that 'crafting can be fun' (in limited doses).

So this morning I sat down and got to the business of fleshing out our Saint Calendar. Once I had that accomplished, I printed out the life stories of those saints that we will be talking about. It worked out to include 2-4 saints per week. Now I must go through the stories and pick out what I would like to focus on for the visual illustration of that Saint's life (cooking something in honor of them, coloring page, or some other awesome craft - which has yet to be found).

Next up... secular stuff...


La Familia said...

Hmmmm....I'm in the same dilemma right now. Could I pay you for copies of all your hard mental labors? Just seriously. :)

La Familia said...

Oh, and for the secular stuff, check out The Crafty Crow blog. That site has lots of great ideas.