Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birds and Bees

I always thought the birds and bees talk (I still have no idea why they call it that) would be a difficult one. We have discussed modesty and how bathroom doors stay closed and nobody except Mommy, Daddy, and Dr. M are allowed to see or touch their private parts. They're not all that modest, but they are pretty good about following the rules.

I knew they were getting to the age where we'd need a slightly more descriptive yet age-appropriate discussion of boys and girls and body parts. I've been wondering if I should find some photos. Well, not photos - maybe cartoons, or drawings, or something. As it turns out, it's a pretty easy discussion... if you let someone else do the talking for you.

We were visiting MommaLlama's extended family yesterday. Her cousin has a new baby girl, and went into the room where the boys were playing for a diaper change. They observed and, you guessed it...

Boys: "Where's her p3n1s???"
Cousin: "She doesn't have one."
Boys: "How does she pee?"
Cousin: "She has a hole."

This is all second hand information from the cousin, and I feel a little bad that it happened without me there. But, perhaps seeing a baby girl undressed was the best way to deal with that at a very basic level. I suppose that's how most children who grow up in large families learn about it. Seeing diaper changes, or bathing with brothers and sisters at a young age. So... thanks, cuz. That was easier than I thought it would be.


La Familia said...

I can attest to that. I just grew up knowing that my brothers were different from me because I saw Mom changing diapers and bathing them. I had no clue why God made us different for procreation purposes until the 8th grade. Then, I learned it from a friend and I was pretty horrified, so my recommendation is that you tell them before somebody else does, but you can wait. Popcak has a book out that I need to get about that very subject. I think it's called Raising Sexually Whole Kids or something like that.

nicole said...

That sounds like a great way for them to get the first basic idea. Our kids do know that boys and girls are different, and the word for the boy part and girl part. Keeping it simple is always the way to go, and then let them lead the questions, or at least that is what I have read.

And the book La Familia mentioned is probably "Beyond the Birds and the Bees" by Popcak. I've started it but have not made it very far into it.