Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh it's out now!

We're so glad Olive has decided that it's safe to put up a baby ticker. We think it's great that she's enjoying the pregnancy instead of only worrying.

Now, there's no rule that says we can't put a baby counter thingy on our blog for someone else's baby, RIGHT?!

So, if you're wondering who that sweet little bundle is swimming around in the sidebar... that's our GodChild (we have some ideas for names, but we will run them by the temporal parents first). It's exciting right?! We think so, and it's as close as we will probably get to having a pregnancy of our own, so we've decided to live vicariously thru Olive, Turk, and Pigeon!

Now, Olive... don't freak out :-).

(Daddio says that he gets credit for it, he thought of it first... I just found the widget and put it there.)


Matilda said...

Whoo hoo hoo! So happy for you and them! Big hugs and high fives all around. Even you Daddio. You're out of the penalty box for the "broads" comment because you came up with such a great idea! : )

La Familia said...

LOL! I want to laugh and cry at the same time, I'm so tickled. I told Turk and he burst out laughing so he thinks it's great too. Please keep praying for your godchild. Two tickers, Oh my! :) You better enter your submissions for names muy pronto as we've already pretty much narrowed our choices down. We've got the boy name actually, but it's the girl's name giving us grief this time. Were torn between three. And because you are the Godparents, you two will be the only ones privy to the names we've chosen until the birth. :)

Daddio said...

We were going to refer to you as our birth parents, but that could get confusing...