Friday, August 22, 2008

Prayer request - Updated

Please pray for my little sister who I helped move into her dorm room yesterday. Let's pray that she has a very successful academic year, and also that she stays close to God. I know that she will be much happier and more well-adjusted if she attends mass and confession regularly. And while she has never had a serious boyfriend, this is the time when she may start looking, and I want a strong common faith to be one of her primary criteria for evaluating a potential date/boyfriend/fiance'.

Also pray for Bobcat. I won't get into details here, but the condensed version is that he is pretty small for his age. He went to a specialist earlier this year, and we thought everything had come out normal just a few weeks ago, and we were hugely relieved. Now there's a new diagnosis - possibly - we need to see yet another specialist. MommaLlama is worried, and Bobcat is definitely NOT going to like some of the tests that they may want to perform. As for me, I'm obviously interested in being thorough and having him healthy, and yet I also have, as a former claims adjuster, a very strong suspicion of doctors that tend to leave no stone unturned in their search for something to treat and charge money for. So, we're proceeding with caution. I hope I haven't sounded too ominous. It's nothing deadly that we're dealing with. Possibly some significant dietary changes to implement. Not the end of the world, but we'd really like to know what is or is not going on here.

Update on my sister: She went to the bookstore on campus to turn in the application that I suggested she ask for when we were buying her books yesterday. She turned it in, spoke to a manager, and got hired on the spot! She starts tomorrow! Thank you for your fast work, everyone. That was a huge relief for her. Last year she had a hard time finding something good on campus. (I suspect she didn't really look all that hard and was too proud to take a "lowly" cafeteria job, but to be fair, I know how difficult it can be finding student part time employment that happens to fit your class schedule. There are lots and lots of applicants at the beginning of each semester, but this one just fell together perfectly.) Do keep praying that she get herself to mass regularly, that's the most important part. Hopefully now that some other stress has been lifted (she even has a single occupancy dorm room in a brand new building), she'll feel the Lord taking care of her and stay closer to Him.


nicole said...

I will pray for Bobcat. Any time there is a possibility of something not right with our children it is frightening. And dietary changes can be hard--we still haven't changed our dairy entirely.

Is your sister attending our alma mater? Or somewhere else? She'll be in good hands if she is on our old stomping grounds.

Daddio said...

Yup, she's at UNT. They appear to have a lot of the same activities going on still, and have the new chapel for both Sunday masses.

Not to mention the new Rec Center, the new dorms, and several other new buildings. I'm totally jealous.

La Familia said...

We will be praying for these intentions. Please keep us updated on Bobcat.