Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scattered Postings

For the next 2 weeks I expect my posting to be scattered if at all... I'm in count down mode to school starting up! If you're a homeschooling mom, you are probably in the same boat... finishing up lesson plans, last minute organizing, and going through stuff from last year for final analysis.

As of this afternoon, I've finished my formal subject lesson plans for the fall semester (woo hoo). Now I'm moving on to the religious and craft portion of the semester, which is slightly more complicated... but the ideas I'm working on are going to be super cool (I hope).

Thankfully the big Office Remodel of 2008 (this past weekend) is basically done, I still have a few more things to organize in that room... and need a few bins for the boys closet... and that will be considered COMPLETE! Next up SCHOOL... August 25 is a big start date!

Okay back to work... I'll try and get some pics up of the new office/school room sometime this week... it's super cool :-).


La Familia said...

Let me know of all the craft ideas you have planned, please. Yes, I've been doing online stuff for homeschooling much of the day. I have not received all my materials and I need to redo some of my literature lists. I've pushed our start date to Septmember.

nicole said...

I can't wait for pictures. Just because I love looking at how people organize their spaces. I'm kind of weird that way I think.