Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Enchanted Rock

I'll post more details and observations when time allows (got a plane to catch, back on Friday). But here are a few of my favorite photos. This place is just beautiful, we'll definitely be back.

It looks rather intimidating from a distance.

See the tiny people?

It feels every bit as steep as it looks

We made it!


~~~mary said...

Really love pictures 3 and 5 - incredible. Thanks for posting them! Peace. ~~~mary

justme said...

Some friends of our went to Enchanted Rock this weekend, too. Did ya happen to see a Dad with 6 or 7 kids? Dad looks like Phillip?

Glad you had fun and that you all are home safe and sound.

La Familia said...

We've been wanting to go there for the past year. Looks beautiful!