Friday, September 26, 2008

Is this guy for real?

Another minister has been accused of impropriety with a minor.

I decided to look him up. No, "Tony Alamo" is not his real name. Yes, his church is in Arkansas. He denies all charges, of course. Mostly, I was taken aback by some of his other writings. Just, wow... I had no idea there were still people like this.

In support of polygamy:
"The main benefactors from plurality will be women. Scripture denies that the practice gives rise to jealousy. That vice thrives most luxuriantly when ‘the other woman’ is loved in secret. Open, godly polygamy destroys the evil at the root. Godly polygamy is not degrading for women. ... According to many reports, true godly women will always prefer a tenth share of a first-rate, scriptural, godly, Christian man, and be assured of getting to Heaven, than the exclusive possession of a second or third-rate ungodly one and wind up in hell."

Regarding Catholics:
-Lincoln was assassinated by a Jesuit.
-So was JFK (because he said he wouldn't take orders from the Pope).
-WWII was a secret Vatican Inquisition.
-Monks who make fine wine in monasteries are actually being forced into slave labor.
-The Pope is the head of all world governments.
-You will have to put a mark on your hand or forehead which can be read by laser beams, so the Pope can keep track of your purchases.
-John Paul II, as a young man, sold cyanide to the Nazis for use in gas chambers.

I won't link to the guy's site, you can google it yourself if you're interested. It's almost funny, but mostly it's pretty sad.

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