Monday, September 15, 2008

We'll call it a success

I'm sure MommaLlama will post more details which I'm sure you all await with baited breath. I'll give a quick update to hold you over.

The first loaf of gluten free bread came out quite well. The second loaf was a little less, uh, fluffy. However, it was a raving success with the children because it had cinnamon. These children are certainly not picky eaters, which is a huge blessing. MommaLlama has ideas for fine tuning the technique next time. Overall, quite a success.

And we had a nice time just being out together on Saturday. My little sister came to watch the kids, and we headed out in the hurricane (not too bad, only got two inches of rain). We went to B&N and found a couple of books. Grabbed some coffee and learned how to shop gluten free. We went to Central Market which had a decent yet very expensive selection. Then we went to Sprouts and they had better prices, but less stuff. Then we tried Tom Thumb and they had practically nothing. There are a couple more stores we want to try, but we did find enough of the speciality flours to blend together and bake the previously mentioned loaves of bread. We also got a new loaf pan, and found a good deal on long sleeved t-shirts and casual pants for the kids at Kohl's. It was a lot of work, but we are feeling a little more confident. Pre-made bread, cereal, etc. is very expensive, but making things ourselves will actually not be too bad on the budget. Just more work.

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