Monday, September 22, 2008


They honestly thought this was supposed to be funny? I don't buy it. From

'SNL' Palin-Incest Joke Falls Flat In Sketch Lampooning New York Times

The "joke" was that the NYT is so snobby, liberal, and disgustingly biased that they wold insinuate that Todd Palin had molested his daughter. I suppose they thought they were being, ahem, 'fair and balanced' by picking on the NYT. Trying to prove somehow that they make as much fun at liberals' expense as they do at conservatives'?

I call BS. Any number of writers in that meeting could have said, no, that is too far. Here's a handy rule of thumb: Incest and child abuse are never never never never never EVER appropriate material for humor! There is no such thing as a funny child abuse joke. I'll share a few more tips for these idiots. There are no funny n-word jokes, there are no funny rape jokes, there are no funny abortion jokes. How in the world did they justify the decision to run with that sick 'joke'? There are countless other ways they could have accomplished the same alleged purpose, i.e., to ridicule the NYT. They knew that the true result would be just as much a crack at backwoods red state country folk. If nothing else, it proves that SNL and other so-called comedy shows are truly biased and despicable.

This is one more reason for me to vote for McCain. This betrays, like Obama's infamous "guns and religion" and "arugala" comments, that liberals simply DO NOT GET IT.

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