Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Bubba!

Bubba is seven years old. Wow! It's pretty neat that we've had him for a little over four of those years. He is a wonderful boy. He works hard and plays hard. He's really looking forward to preparations for his first holy communion. He has the most adorable oversized front teeth (I really hope he grows into them!). Bubba is a friend to all and just plain fun to be around. He always has a soundtrack - if he can't talk someone into turning on a favorite George Strait or praise and worship CD, he just sings it for himself. He gives the best hugs. His little body is changing; he is lean and mean. I suspect he will be a very good looking young man. Fortunately, he still has his little forehead that gets bumpy when he is grumpy. It's exciting to see him grow, but I'm so glad he is still small enough to pick up and swing around. And he will always have that infectious giggle. What can I say, he is just such a joy to his parents. He is very funny, although little bro Snookie has taken over as class clown. Bubba's humor is still in there, you just have to coax it out sometimes. I love them all, but I do feel a special connection with Bubba. For one, he is the middle child, like I was, so I feel a bond there. Also, we share a first name. I remember the day our adoption case worker called to tell us their names. I was so excited to have my name already in there! Those birth parents got something right! I knew from the first moment I met him that he was mine. He is my constant sidekick and the first to volunteer for helper duty when I have a job to do outside. And, as I've written before, he is always there in the morning, waiting to hear my keys jingle so that he can spring out of bed and meet me on my way out and his way to the bathroom. I love starting my day with him. Bubba, we love you!



megrynders said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! I can't believe you are already 7!! How was the gluten free cake??

The Rhodes' said...

Happy Birthday!