Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reflections on Snookie's 6th Birthday

I have been planning to post a few thoughts on Snookie, but I haven't had much time to think and write lately. So, a couple weeks late, but here goes...

What can I say about Snookie? I think this series of photos sums it up pretty well:

Yes, he is "that kid". Every family has one, I think. He is such a happy person. Sure, he has his moments - he follows the pattern set by his brothers. Some rough days in school, some rough nights in bed (immediate fun definitely, always, outweighs possible future consequences). He is a little sensitive. He doesn't like to lose at games. Even when he's in trouble, he's smiling. Not to be defiant, but just because he's thought of something funny and he can't help himself. He rebounds quickly from his sometimes frequent time-outs.
It's easy to think of him as the baby of the family. But more and more lately, he really surprises me. He can be very insightful and generous. He will often put others' needs or wants first. He'll volunteer to go last. He is a smart little so-and-so! He is picking up math and reading much quicker than his brothers did. He just gets it more quickly, and don't assume that he isn't listening just because he happens to be looking the other way and singing...
And he is growing fast! He's already passed Bobcat in height, and I suspect he'll overtake Bubba within six months.
Overall, he is just such a joy in our lives. We were not sure we were ready for three children at once. But life without number three would just be incomplete.

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