Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another reason...

...to homeschool. The author of this article hits on a very good point and gives some good suggestions.

Travel Flexibility: A Home School Dividend

I am sure that most folks homeschool primarily for the quality of the education, so I wouldn't say this is a real reason to homeschool, but it is definitely a nice "perk". In addition to the thinner crowds when school is in session, I find it very easy to take time off of work whenever I want. Not just week-long vacations, but random long weekends. All my coworkers wanted off for Spring Break, but it didn't matter to me. Not only was it a nice quiet week in the office with less chatter and demands, but we were just about the only people at the state park where we camped the week before Mothers Day.

Just in case anyone out there needed a little "incentive" to take the plunge, or was growing frustrated and needed a little reminder of some of the benefits we enjoy.


La Familia said...

I think this sounds great, if only my husband did not work for the school district where we pretty much have to follow the school's vacation time. I won't complain too much though,He gets 12 weeks off every year. Of course we both feel that's excessive and would love to see him at work at least through June to earn another paycheck and keep him busy. If we could take off at anytime, I'd love to see autumn colors on the east coast, but that's his busiest time of the year with marching season. I can't believe how much I'm rambling. :)

nicole said...

One of the benefits I am envious of, as I continue to ignore any push I might have toward homeschooling.