Saturday, June 28, 2008

Okay, since Daddio filled it out for me, I'll attempt to do the same for him... he can comment if I get any wrong (but we all know that is unlikely)
A. Attached or Single?
Happily married.

B. Best Friend?
MommaLlama (or my iPod if she isn't around).

C. Cake or pie?
Tough one... Skittles.

D. Day of choice?

E. Essential item?

F. Favorite color?

G. Gummy bears or worms?

H. Home town?
Austin, Tx... not goin' back there anytime soon.!

I. Favorite indulgence?

J. January or July?
July... vacation.

K. Kids?
Three boys for now. When snookie graduates, I'll only be 42 and we can start all over again with a sibling set of girls.

L. Life isn’t complete without?
My family, a tent, a dutch oven... all my camping gear.

M. Marriage date?
12/16/2000. Hard to believe it's been that long.

N. Number of brothers and sisters?
2 sisters, 1 brother, 1 step brother, 1 step sister.

O. Oranges or Apples?

P. Phobias?
"I ain't skeered."

Q. Quotes?
So many to choose from.
"It's gunna be a good day, Tater." Ron White, comedian.
"I hate talented kids."
"Muckle Sandwich." By me, the wife!

R. Reasons to smile?

S. Season of choice.
Fall. It's the best for camping.

T. Tag 5 people.
Everyone consider yourself tagged.

U. Unknown fact about me?
He likes babies... especially squishy babies... he sees friends with squishy babies and just must pick them up!

V. Vegetable?
No thanks, not into veggies.

W. Worst Habit?
Chewing his nails.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?
X-rays have been draining my wallet as of late, and when there were ultrasounds it wasn't for anything fun... so pass.

Y. Your favorite food?
Anything mexican! Tamales would be a the top of the list.

Z. Zodiac sign?
Zodiac signs are for pagans. REPENT!!!! (Okay so I used what he wrote... but it's good stuff).


justme said...

Okay. .. now I have to know . . . Who said "I hate talented kids"?

I love squishy babies, too. I hope our next baby is super squishy. :)

La Familia said...

He loves tamales huh? Y'all need to come and share a Christmas Eve dinner with us then. There is tamales, rice, beans and shrimp.

Daddio said...

Notice how I left out the W... you are a bad 1930's wife. ;)

MommaLlama said...


Daddio and I talked it over to try and remember who said it first, and we came to the conclusion that we pretty much said at the same time many years ago... we were probably watching some talent show kind of thing. We've been together for an awfully long time and usually finish the other's thoughts and sentences... even before they are uttered.