Monday, June 23, 2008

Rest in peace, Jack

Please say a prayer for the repose of the soul of Jack. Jack is a friend of ours from the City Band. We'll always remember him because the first day we went to a rehearsal, we were taken aback by how "experienced" most of the band members were. We didn't know the band was composed mostly of retirees, but they were very welcoming and happy to have some young blood join the group. (There were a few crotchety old exceptions, but overall, we immediately felt like we were at home.) We remember Jack in particular because after every number, he would set his horn down and insert his oxygen tube into his nose! We were pretty impressed with the old guy!

Jack always beamed with pride when he spoke about his two children, who were adopted and grew up to be very successful. He was so excited the day that we shared the news that we were adopting. That was interesting news to break. Some people were nervous. Some people thought we were unprepared, or down right crazy. But many people were happy for us, and Jack was just plain ecstatic! I didn't even know that his children were adopted before then, but he loved them as much as any father could. He always said that they turned out so much better and brighter than any natural born children of his possibly could have. He loved showing off magazine articles in which his son, a PhD economist, was published. And he loved hearing about our sons and seeing new pictures of them.

He loved music, and loved talking about the great deal he got on that new bass trombone. (I heard the story 30 times!) He joked that his wife didn't like to listen to the noise, so she made him practice in a closet. Well, I thought it was a joke until the day he invited us over to his house and showed us the closet with the music stand and chair in it! But he had such a sense of humor about it.

I only wish we had more time to spend with him. But he lived a long and happy life, touched many people with his passion for life, and his eternal happiness is well deserved. Rest in peace, Jack, and pray for us.


La Familia said...

What a sweet blessing he was in your life. We will be praying for the repose of his soul. I'm going to share this post with Turk. I can't believe he kept playing even on an oxygen tank. Just goes to show you the power of making music. May he spend his eternity making music for His Heavenly Father.

The Rhodes' said...

He was amazing with the tank and everything! I am sad to hear of hsi passing. He was definetly a sweet guy! God bless!