Monday, June 2, 2008

Countdown Launch Sequence


WE LEAVE FOR THE BEACH ON WEDNESDAY... before sunrise... I'm so super excited! 5 days and 4 nights of VACATION! I think the beach/ocean is truly one of my favorite places to be. The boys can run free, I can breath the ocean air... and my toes can rest in the sand...

Oh and we get to drink beer, grill, and this year is a special treat because we are going to spend it with our dear friends.

That being said... relaxation on the way... I'm in full 'get ready' mode. The house needs to be cleaned top to bottom (there's nothing better than to come home after a long drive and find your house is perfect order... all you have to do is throw your laundry in the basket and crawl into bed). All the laundry needs to be done... every last piece, and put away. All the beding needs to be cleaned... including the dog blankets. PACK! All of this needs to happen today and tomorrow, and most needs to get done today. I have therapy tonight and tomorrow... and I missed on Saturday due to being under the weather, which means I can expect to be sore tonight and not want to do much tomorrow. Plus tomorrow we have to drive to town during the day for Bubba to get his weekly allergy shot, and then dogs will need to be dropped off at the vet... all of this driving and dropping takes away precious time needed for the house. Thankfully I got a jump start this weekend!

Oh the beach... how I long to sit on our shores... soak in the sun (in my new suit)... and enjoy the company of friends we hardly ever get to see in person!


nicole said...

You have caused me to sin, as I am consumed with envy.

I hope y'all have a fantastic time and get all the relaxation you need. Good luck in your preparations.

La Familia said...

I've done it both ways. Break my neck cleaning to come home from vacation to a beautiful clean house and the total opposite. I prefer cleaning before we leave. You've inspired me to get started! I was going to do it all tomorrow...hence the reason that sometimes I come home to a dirty house. I'm quite the procrastinator...but enough! Toilets, here I come!

justme said...

are you back yet? I can't wait to hear how it went and to see pics. :)