Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good girl

She went to three grocery stores, getting from each what she had seen the best prices on in the circulars. Clipped many many coupons. Total charges, $157.86, total paid $111.36, total savings $46.50 (29%).

I think the trick is shopping without the children. She did all of this plus a stop at Kohl's for a few things (with, of course, another coupon in hand), in about 2 1/2 hours. Let me tell you, she has come a long way. When we first married, she was a brand name only girl. Grabbed whatever looked good, didn't even look at price tags. She was never wasteful, really, but she wasn't exactly frugal. Today, there was a gleam in her eye...


justme said...

AWESOME!! I read somewhere about a couple who had a budget of grocery shopping (ex. $200.00) and then did whatever they could to get the groceries for less (like what MammaLlama did) and then put the difference away in a separate savings jar. It sounded like a great way to have a "Mad Money Stash". Just a thought.

And I agree that the trick is shopping w/o the kids.

nicole said...

Great job MommaLlama! I usually get some savings, but not that much. I'm going to post about grocery shopping and meal planning and some of my challenges next week. I'm such a nerd--planning blog posts.