Thursday, July 3, 2008

I miss the heckicoppers

Snookie is definitely still the baby around here. He is maturing a lot, and speaking very clearly for a five-year-old. Perhaps not as well as Bobcat did at his age. Birth order is an interesting subject. I've got a book on that to read, and will report back on that later. But anyway, these days Snookie can consistently pronounce the following words correctly:

Helicopter, formerly "heckicopper"
Motorcycle, formerly "mokokykle"
Elbow, formerly "abb-oh"
Nose, formerly "no" (he drops a LOT of ending sounds...)
"Hold me mommy," formerly "Hold you, mommy!" (As in, do you want me to hold you, Snookie? Yes, Mommy, I want me to hold you!)

But he still struggles with a couple things. Like "baving soup". That's "bathing suit" for you English speakers. And the cutest thing of all, "arken-angel". As in, St. Micheal, the arken-angel. You know him. He's the one that rebukes the evil spirits who proww about the world, sickin' da ruins of souls.

And we are reluctant to correct him, because it's so cute. He'll catch on eventually. But we're keeping our arken-angel for now, because it makes us smile every night.


nicole said...

We used to see "hawkohopters" around here. Alas, they seem to have left this area. I figure no correction is necessary if the kids hear the words correctly some of the time. I love the way they learn to talk.

La Familia said...

I can still remember the first time I said my youngest brother's name correctly for the first time. His name is William and I called him Wood-duh-wum. When I finally said the /l/ phoneme correctly, I ran around the house shouting it 100 times. My poor parents! What a noise we made. To this day, we still call him wood-duh-wum to show affection.