Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's a start

Bobcat: "Hey mom, come here and see this!"
Me: "On my way."

I come around the corner...

Bobcat: "Look mom, I can juggle. Well, I tired with 5 balls and that didn't work. Then I tried with only 3 balls, and they still ALL fell. Now I'm practicing with one ball."

And there he stood throughing one little ball back and forth between his hands.

Start easy and work your way up!!!


Daddio said...

He asked me to teach him to juggle a couple years ago. I told him that I couldn't because I don't know how. He said, "Why not?", as if juggling is something every grown up should be able to do... I guess I'm flattered that he thinks I can do everything, or used to think so, anyway.

La Familia said...

I think it's wonderful he did not throw the five balls up in disgust and give up. He's teaching himself to start small. Maybe he might like the Klutz book on the subject?

justme said...

He on the right track. If I remember correctly, the Klutz book says to start with one. I wish we still had the one I got years ago. I'd look it up. He's one smart cookie!

justme said...

Wow. I need to proofread my posts. That should say "He's".

Red Cardigan said...

Hi, MommaLlama and Daddio! I've tagged you for a meme over at my blog, if you want to participate.