Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Our first "baby" turned nine this weekend. I'm not a "dog person", really, but there's just something about these critters of ours. I think Daisy has taught me a lot about patience, and hopefully the boys have benefitted. She was my first dog, and I'm glad she's been around. It's been interesting as she grows, because she is sort of a timeline of our relationship. We got her before we were married or even engaged, but we knew that it was imminent. Some people do promise rings, we got a beagle. She lived with Mommy for a year and a half until our wedding. Happy birthday, lazy bones! Enjoy your ginormous rawhide and your new pink collar.

And here's Smoochie. We don't know her actual date of birth. She was from a shelter, and they suspected she was at least two years old because she had all of her teeth. That was about five years ago, so we estimate the age of seven and gave her Daisy's birthday. Thanks for all of the laughs, silly mutt. Enjoy the new purple collar that's hiding somewhere under that fluff. You'll be getting another haircut soon.


La Familia said...

Happy Birthday Bow-wows!

Red Cardigan said...

My three daughters say "Oh, they're soooooo cuuuuuuuute!!"

(I have allergies. Our pets are fish. Fun, but not cuddly.)

Daddio said...

Fortunately it appears that dogs are the only thing Bubba and I are NOT allergic to!