Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I love the early mass (7:30). It is quiet and uncrowded, and we are home by 8:45 with a whole day free. Totally worth getting out of bed for.

We played Monopoly Junior. Bubba totally whooped me. I went bankrupt before making it around the board once. By that time he had monopolies on three colors. No fair.

A conversation about bees and wasps:
Bubba: How can stinging things sting you?
Me: With their stingers.
Bubba: Oh... Are we gonna have popsicles?

Note the new haircuts that I gave yesterday. I told them they could swim faster this way.

PS - The adult popsicles are still in the freezer. We'll get into those later, after the kids go to bed! Yes, MommaLlama spiked the fruit punch. One of many reasons to love her.


La Familia said...

I truly wish my stomach could handle spiked popsicles. Do they melt faster with the alcohol in them?

The Rhodes' said...

After we got home we remembered that we forgot the adult popsicles... next time for sure!