Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Six Quirks Meme

We were tagged by Red Cardigan for a meme. (Yes, we. It's MommaLlama's blog, not mine. I'm not trying to monopolize, I'm just too lazy to start my own and then to try and get traffic there. Sorry, babe, you married a mooch.)

So, here are the rules:

Link the person(s) who tagged you
Mention the rules on your blog
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them
Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

As is our custom, I will list my wife's quirks rather than my own. Much more entertaining that way, don't you think? Let's see if we can make this both unspectacular and amusing.

1) Has a "thermostat foot". When she gets too warm in bed, she sticks out one little foot to cool off. Then when it gets cold, it comes back in and finds someplace warm (i.e., ME) to snuggle.

2) The thermostat foot used to be the left foot, because she slept on her back, two pillows, neatly tucked in. Now she sleeps like me, that is, on her stomach and stretched out. So now the "outboard" foot is the right side.

3) Quasi-ambidextrous. Traditionally right handed for writing and sports. But if she gets frustrated with lack of success in bowling or Putt-Putt, she switches sides and goes left-handed. And I'll be darned if she doesn't do really well that way.

4) Hates preachy commercials with celebrities telling us to read to our kids. Shut up TV celebrity, you're rich and famous for being on TV, you don't really want us to quit watching.

5) Only likes water with ice in it. When the ice melts, she dumps out the water and starts afresh (instead of just adding ice). Won't even take a pill with tepid tap water.

6) Has a weakness for really stupid movies. Gets hooked and can't turn them off. Has seen all three in the "Bring It On" series (yes, the cheerleader movies).

I tag Olive and Turk and Jon and Angie (who are shamelessly attempting to rig a cute baby photo contest and could use the additional traffic!). We'll let MommaLlama tag two more.


Red Cardigan said...

These are great! Mr. Cardigan says I have thermostat foot too. :)

(But hey, he's the one who wants to see the "Bring it On" movies.)

Can't wait to see MommaLlama's! Thanks for doing this!!

justme said...

I LOVE Bring It On!! "Are the ethnic festivies to your liking?!"

The Rhodes' said...

Shameless?? Come on now! The true winner must be revealed. Just because other people don't think of enlisting blogstalkers to vote doesn't make us shameless!

MommaLlama said...

Um, the Bring It On movies... first two not that bad... third one AWFUL! My problem is more that I'm an optimist, I keep waiting for them to get better!

Switching sides, um, this is something I've pretty always done. My mom is a dominate lefty and my dad a dominate righty. I tend to do most things with my right, but there are just somethings that feel more natural or normal on my left!

Oh, and the preachy thing... this is kind of both of us. When preachy commericals, TV shows, movies, or stand-up routines start up with preachiness (go green and all that jazz) you are sure to hear the two of us hurling insults and trash talk at the TV!

I'll admit the water thing is weird. I don't like sweaty cups either. So if there is condensation on it, I'm quick to dry it off. I will drink it out of a bottle (no ice), but it has to be cold! Oh, and I don't typically like water when we eat out... I think it tastes weird!

La Familia said...

Okay, I could basically cut and paste half of these quirks and use them for my own. Lol! I had to laugh about the ice thing. You were a real trooper staying at my house that weekend. You never complained or looked disappointed. Turk does not like ice cold drinks and since I'm indifferent, we've always used tepid water. I promise, if we are ever blessed with your presence again, there will be plenty of ice. How do you manage taking pills with cold water without getting brain freeze?

La Familia said...

Oh, and if you love cheezy films, then you need to rent the movie, Bride and Prejudice. Let's just say Bollywood has finally caught up with the Golden Age of Hollywood. I think there's around 8 song and dance numbers.

justme said...

Most of Bollywood films are song and dance numbers, btw. Have been for a long while, actually. just sayin'


MommaLlama said...

Olive... the ice thing, there was no reason to complain because I was with my dear friends, I was on cloud nine just being there!

Pills... cold water is the only way! I don't really get brain freezes, I guess I'm desensitivized from all the ice cream.

Bride and Prejudice... sadly, I have seen this :-). I do enjoy a great song and dance movie (Fred, Bing, Frank, Dean, Sammy... then there's Doris Day, Rock... love the old ones).