Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do you have the time?

I'm working out a new plan... I get so frustrated with the constant parade of "is it time for lunch?", "when are we eating dinner?"... I worked hard (I thought) teaching time in the spring to the boys but even Bobcat had a really tough time catching on. So now I'm teaching practical application (till we start school up again).

Today was the first day of our trial... at 10:00 I was asked by Bobcat if I could fix lunch... after I said no (and tears began to stream down his face), we walked over to their practice clock. I explained what time it was at that moment (showing the practice clock and the real clock in their gameroom), then I told him we would be eating lunch at 12:00. We worked through the practice clock and the real clock... and then I headed off to work on more of my chores.

At 11:00, Bubba annouced that it was nearly time for lunch... he got his 'hands' confused. So we again we went through the song and dance of which 'hand' is which and what they mean. We went back to the practice clock and worked it out again. They are happily playing again, and watching for noon to roll around.

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nicole said...

My kids, Buddy especially, are constantly asking about the next eating time. I suppose it would help if we ate at the same time every day. We kind of do, but not exactly. A friend told me that Cajuns have this habit of discussing the next meal while still eating the current one. If that is the case, there must be some misplaced Cajun in my kids. You'd think they never get fed.