Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Working Dinner

Last night on the way to rehearsal, Daddio and I stopped for dinner... a working dinner. Why working? Well, I needed to make my homeschooling curriculum order proposal to him... I had 7 variations to what I wanted to order and wanted to run it by Daddio for his take on the situation. I think he was kind of laughing at me just a little... I had everything organized in spreadsheet format (including individual prices, and total cost - without tax/shipping though), checklists of what will be covered in the new math program we are switching too, and even the information on the Latin program I was considering. I had everything printed out so that he could look at the information as I made my pitch. To tell you how anal I am about my ordering and organization, I've been working on it since January. I've spent all this time going to all my curriculum providers (and the ones I don't use) to see who is starting what and when, what the different homeschool forums are saying about different books, are there any new editions, and can I find them cheaper anywhere. I take my role as homeschool mom very seriously!

We ended up going with Option F (I had A-G), and this morning I placed my orders! Woohoo!!!!!

Now I patiently wait (ha ha ha ha ha ha, patiently, ha ha ha ha). In the meantime I'm creating my own lesson planner/calendar. The last three years I've purchased them from different teacher stores, and every year I find one just a little better than the year before... but never just right... so now I'm just going to make it myself... and wait!

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La Familia said...

Yeah, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear what Plan F contains!