Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Snot City

That's where I currently live. Do your kids have allergies... mine do! And when they get out of control (the allergies in this case) they seem to turn into little colds with more snot and coughing!

But I think I found something that easies the congestion... Vick Soothing Vapors (Plug-In Waterless Vaporizer & Nightlight).

Now, I'm not crazy about the green glow, but this morning all the boys' congestion seemed to have loosened up and they were all breathing in a much more normal manner. After breakfast I moved the plug-in into the gameroom where they will spend most of the day to hopefully keep them loose!

Oh the joys... of snot city.


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing.....about the Vicks.

I hope your little guys are feeling better soon.

I was wondering how those worked. Two of my sons have asthma and anytime they get a cold, if I'm not on top of it, the cold triggers an asthma attack.

I'll definitely remember this for the upcoming cold season.

MommaLlama said...

It is just a little plug in unit (kind of like the air freshners) and there is a little vapor pad that slides in. The box that I picked up came with 5 pads. The unit heats up and the vapor is released. So far I have had it plugged in since Tuesday night, and I haven't changed out the first pad... it is still nice and strong. I just move it to what ever room they are in.