Sunday, August 19, 2007

#1 Questions Infertiles hear

These are questions that I, myself, have heard more than once (verging on the hundreds actually). By talking about these, I'm not trying to be the PC police, I'm just trying to shed some like on issues that you may not be away of... or if you are in the same boat to give you a good laugh!

1. Just relax, take a vacation, just take a break… then you will get pregnant.

--Oh, you are so right. I never thought of it that way, where do you suggest I vacation? Are you planning on paying for my trip? What other enlightening tips might you have?

--Um, no, it is actually a medical condition and no amount of vacationing with cause my ovaries to miraculously start working.

--I appreciate your thoughts. I wish it were that easy. (This is actually a very sincere answer that I've used numerous times).

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