Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I was browsing an online photography discussion forum a while ago (I've been reading up and practicing to get the most out of my new camera), and this particular site has many international users. One person posted photos of his new home in a village called Bonsall, in England. I looked it up on Google Maps, and just for kicks, asked for directions to Rome. Only 21 hours driving time. That's a long drive, but DUDE, wouldn't you love to be able to drive to Rome???

In the time it takes an American to drive from Disney Land to Disney World, a European can be in literally a dozen different countries, all with their own languages and histories. Cool, huh?

The photographer's house was built in 1760. The pub across the street, in 1677. To put that in perspective, our house was a field of buffalo, maybe a teepee.

This is kind of blowing my mind.

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