Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The big list

So all my homeschooling blog buddies have put together their list of curriculum/books/activities... that sort of thing, and I guess I'm kind of the last one on board.

Never fear, the Llama is gettin' in gear! Up first with the smallest book load is Snookie who will be in kindergarten. He will be using:

Next we have Bubba starting 1st grade!

And last but certainly not least (especially for the amount of work he will be doing this year) is Bobcat who is leading the way in 2nd grade!

Specifically for First Communion

These are the main staples of my lesson planner! In a few days I will list and link out all the other things I plan on throwing in here and there!


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Littlebit said...

I know you must be as excited as I am. I received our box of books in early July and I spend my free time in the evenings taking the books out, handling them with the utmost care. We decided this year we would wrap the box and present it to her after a special dinner the night before we homeschool. We want her to feel some of our excitement. I guess we don't have to make it a big deal, she's already begging to get started up again and even marked September 3rd as HOM SKOL DAY. :) Fun times ahead!