Monday, August 20, 2007

** Updated ** Cut Day

The cast is comin' off. Daddio took the day off, and headed out this morning to have Bobcat's cast removed. We are all ready for that thing to come off!!!!!

When they get home I will post pic of the non-peglegged Bobcat!


**The ortho liked the cast art so much that he asked to keep it and use for display in his waiting room!!! Once the cast was off there was the normal amount of dryness that has to be cared for gently for the next week or so, and he is on 4 weeks of restricted play... still no running or jumping... but we are planning a swim tonight and that will be a regular thing for the next few weeks. It is low impact and will help get that knee moving again! Other than that, the new X-rays looked really good, which is a big relief... and things are going to be getting back to normal around here!


4andcounting said...

Yea for everyone!

underthewillow said...

!! They kept it?! They're gonna get BOMBARTED with requests for Spidey cast now!

Nevertheless, I'm glad he's alright and this chapter is over. And just in time for school, huh, mom?

Matilda said...

I told you! You could probably start a small business decorating casts!

Michelle said...

Yea! That's so neat the doctor's office is going to put it on display!