Monday, August 27, 2007


Right now the boys are in the gameroom, and this is what I'm hearing:

"Who wants a free T-shirt... it goes to the person waving their flag the best."

Bam, bam, buh, bam, bam (that's the soundtrack music that Bubba is providing to the little play)

What in the world are they referring to?

Monster Truck Races!!!

Friday night we took the boys to the Speedway's Dirt Track to see the Monster Truck races for Snookie's birthday. It was really incredible. We got there a little early and had the opportunity to go down on the dirt track and see all the trucks up close and personal, and get autographs of the drivers! Honestly the only truck that we had actually heard of was Bigfoot... who hasn't... needless to say all of this was new to us. But it was a ton of fun even though we were never able to snag a free t-shirt (although I did wind up with a blister on my thumb from the waving of our flag in order to get the free loot)!

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