Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dreaming of Fall

I know we've had it pretty easy with the weather this summer. Plenty of rain (but no flooding in our neck of the woods), and temps didn't even break 100 until August. But after three weeks of real Texas heat, I'm done with summer. We've been to the beach, that's about all I need the hot weather for.

Now we're ready for some long walks on crisp evenings, and for football and basketball seasons to begin! Also, MommaLlama prefers cold weather because she looks especially cute in sweaters and jackets with her little nose and cheeks all rosy from the cold air. She is definitely a fall/winter girl.

And most of all, we are desperate to go CAMPING!

Last year there was very little color in the trees, because of the drought. But this year should be really spectacular! Look how full the lake was already in March. The previous fall, it was about 100 yards further between the tend and the water's edge. I think we'll try to hit Beaver's Bend (pictured above) at the height of the color in the trees, and work in another long weekend or two somewhere else. Caprock Canyons (see post from this spring) would be wonderful for landscape photography with our new camera, and there are plenty of other hiking trails to explore. But we'd also like to try some of the other Texas parks, such as Enchanted Rock and Lost Maples. And there are other Oklahoma parks we want to visit. I've heard good things about Turner Falls. So many choices!

Reason number 5,203 to homeschool: You can go camping in the middle of the week, to avoid the crowds!

Bring on the campfires, nature hikes, s'mores, and snuggles in a sleeping bag on a chilly night! I will invest in an actual working space heater this year. The one I borrowed from a friend during our last cold weather trip was a total bust and radiated virtually no heat. I will be sure to keep it more comfortable this year. But not so warm that she doesn't still need to get close!


Littlebit said...

I'm so glad you mentioned Lost Maples and Enchanted Rock. They are closer to us. Lately, I've been dreaming of fall foliage, I think it has something to do with lately watching Anne of Green Gables. That might also explain why our dd has been planning a ball for this Christmas.

Your kindred spirit :)


4andcounting said...

That may have been a little TMI, but I'll overlook it. Husband is counting down the days until UNT football starts and his favorite time of year kicks off. October is the favorite month around here (for obvious b-day reasons and others). We're hoping to squeeze in a camping trip to two as well.