Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Physical Therapy

We had a successful afternoon of swimming. The boys really enjoyed swimming with the goggles on. This shot was taken right when we got there... all of the other pictures we took of them, they were under the water! It is so much more fun when you can see under there. Plus they really had fun with the sinker sticks I got them. If you have a kid who doesn't necessarily want to put his face under, goggle just might be the answer to the problem. This seems to have solved the problem for Bobcat at least.

After 3 hours at the pool we called it quits... I was tired, Daddio was tired, the boys... well, they weren't ready to leave. But alas, it was time for us to go home and cook dinner... and Bobcat got his first bath in 4 weeks. To say that his leg had a smell... would be an understatement. He had a nice long warm soak in Spidey Bubbles for about 25 minutes to remove all 4 weeks of cast sweat. Nice he smells like a nice boy again! After dinner, there was an early bedtime.... and they were out like lights... thank goodness... we all needed it!

This morning, Bobcat is pretty soar but in good spirits. So all is well with the world in the Llama house again!

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underthewillow said...

Great pic! Sounds like a productive day when they fall asleep lightening fast at bedtime. :)