Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Special...

but not in the good way, more of the this is super inconvenient... 'did this really have to happen now' way.

Back a few days ago Daddio mentioned in this post in passing about an ER trip. Fortunately it had nothing to do with the boys... it was for me!

The long and short of it (is that how you say it... I never get those little sayings right?), I was unloading groceries on Friday afternoon, and went to get the last two things and when I took the last step to the car my foot made contact with the little lip from the garage down to the driveway (you know the one that keeps rain and what not from invading your garage) and... well... I went down like a sack of bricks. Apparently (once my sanity returned and I was laying in the driveway trying to compose myself) I rolled my right ankle right on over till it made contact with the concrete while my shoe stayed up on the garage floor level. Thankfully I was able to get the attention of Bobcat who was still milling about near the entrance to our house (via the garage) and he came out to get the rest of the groceries while I tried to figure out how I was going to:
  1. Get Up (without screaming... I tried once and it didn't go well)
  2. Get the back of the beast SUV closed (it's the one big door that goes UP, which meant I would need to stand in order to reach the handle to pull it down).
  3. Get inside
  4. Decide what to do next (which at several points I thought would include passing out, and throwing up)

I should also probably note that it hurt so bad that I could hardly control my crying (I don't cry about being hurt... I usually have a very high threshold of pain, and when something similar happened last year on the other leg I never once shed a tear, heck I walked on it for another hour, saw a movie, and walked back the car and it wasn't till the next day late in the afternoon that I finally decided that it wasn't getting better and should seek professional help). And when I see things on myself that don't look RIGHT I usually get sick... (I'm usually okay with other people looking messed up, just not myself). When I finally got in touch with Daddio and relayed the severity of the situation, and got my parents on the line to get them to come and watch the boys so that Daddio could take me to the Dr.... I was able to crawl back to the living room, take off the shoe/sock and apply ice and wrappings. Um, here's the part when I nearly lost my stomach for like the 3rd time. HOLY DELORES... um, it looked terrible.

After X-rays it turns out that thankfully there were no visible fractures... just a ton of ligament and tendon damage... a SEVERE SPRAIN. Did you catch the part when I said it was my RIGHT ANKLE? So now what? Well, I'm black and blue (and purple, green, and yellow), I currently don't have any ankle on that side that you can make out (just a very large lump on the outside and no definition on the inside and my toes look like baby carrots), I can't put any weight on it without the walking boot (and even then I can't put any weight near my heel, and for any distance I need crutches. Okay... right side... NO DRIVING! WHAT???

This is going to be a very tricky 4-6 weeks!


The Rhodes' said...

oh, no!!!! I did that imagien after beign in walking cast for 6 weeks you suddenly fall and sprain the other ankle...or is that just me?? I highly recommend the one piece ace bandage just slides right on like a sock. no anooying wrapping and clipping. Hope you are feeling better soon.

La Familia said...

You have a get well card of sorts over at my blog. :)